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Exterior Residential Painting

One of your most precious assets is your home, and our exterior house painting services help you make it look its best. We care about the work that we do here at Prestige Exterior Painting, so we never stop short of complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work and guarantee that your exterior residential painting will be done right the first time. Not only do we bring our high-quality team of painters, but we purchase the finest materials, so as to ensure a job well done.

We use the following procedures on each residential job to ensure you receive a thorough job that is consistent with our high standards:
  • Take off shutters, address numbers and anything else that does not get painted.
  • Power-wash house with bleach to get off mold, mildew, oxidation, loose paint, dirt or grime.
  • Inspect your house for any rotten wood and repair any that is needed.
  • Hand scrape any other loose paint.
  • Prime all bare wood with a (bonding) primer. We do not use the primer and paint all-in-one method.
  • Caulk all joints, cracks, around doors, windows, on top of trim, nail holes and corners where needed with Elastomeric Lifetime caulk. (expands and contracts)
  • Tape and paper off all windows and anything else needed.
  • Put tarps wherever we are painting; decks, bushes, driveway, etc.
  • Brush and roll or spray and back-roll & spray again. (2 coats) (depending on siding).
  • Spray shutters and front door for a smooth as glass look.
  • Face out all front trim with 2 coats of lifetime paint. Front only gets trimmed out, unless specified differently on bid.
  • Leave you with any leftover paint and the paint receipt.
  • Foreman will walk around house with you for your satisfaction.

Carpentry & Custom Wood Shutters

Over time, the moisture in the air coupled with precipitation can have a disastrous effect on your siding, trim, facia and more. Wood is, after all, a porous element, and even the best means of preservation can eventually wear thin. When this happens don’t wait for further breakdown to occur. We understand what’s needed to get your wood back to its former pristine condition, and if we can’t resolve the issue, we’ll be happy to tear down your existing rotted wood and replace it with a new alternative.

The details of your home are what really makes it stand out and gives it character. Custom wood shutters are a great addition to any home to focus the eye on custom craftsmanship and beautiful accent colors. Each of our shutters are individually made just for you and your project, meaning you will get the perfect fit and style for your home. 

The benefits of our carpentry services include:
  • Allowing one contractor to do both wood replacement and painting saves the time and hassle of hiring additional contractors.
  • We have a carpentry foreman on staff with the specialized experience needed to replace complex and detailed trim in preparation for painting.
  • We are fully licensed and insured to protect our clients and give them peace of mind.