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Does Your House Need Exterior Painting?

One of the questions we get asked the most is “Does my home need painted?” While the only way to know for sure whether your home needs painted is to have a professional assessment done, you can look around your home and check for any obvious signs. The bad news is, if you see clear signs that your home’s exterior needs painted, you have probably waited too long.

Cracking and peeling paint is a serious indicator that your home needs immediate action. While these signs are often easy to overcome with some scraping and painting, it is important to not waste any time. If you see signs of rot developing in your wood or your trim feels soft and spongy, you are well past due for a painting and will most likely require some carpentry work to replace the rotted boards.

Our home is our biggest investment, so it makes sense to keep it up well and invest a little in it to protect what we have worked so hard to earn. Having your home’s exterior painted regularly is a great way to protect your investment as it acts as a sealant to protect your home for years to come. If you need an assessment to determine if your home is ready to be painted, call us today!