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Exterior Commercial Painting

At Prestige Exterior Painting, we understand the commercial painting process thoroughly. We know what it takes to complete a project properly, within budget, and on time. From retail to the most complicated specialty coating projects, we have the know-how to accomplish these jobs and keep them looking professional for years to come. For all your commercial painting needs you can turn to us with confidence, knowing that our team of experienced painters will provide you with the prompt and unparalleled service that you expect. Whether you have a specific project in mind or are considering one in the near future, let us be a part of the solution.

We use the following procedures on each commercial job to ensure you receive a thorough job that is consistent with our high standards:
  • Take off anything that does not get painted if needed.
  • Power-wash building with bleach & TSP to get off mold, mildew, oxidation, loose paint, dirt or grime.
  • Inspect your building for any rotten wood and repair any that is needed.
  • Hand scrape any other loose paint.
  • Caulk all joints, cracks, around doors, windows, on top of trim, nail holds and corners where needed with Elastomeric Lifetime caulk (expands and contracts).
  • Tape and paper off all windows and anything else needed.
  • Put tarps wherever we are painting; bushes, driveway, etc.
  • Brush and roll or spray and back-roll & spray again (2 coats) (depending on siding).
  • Spray doors for a smooth as glass look.
  • Face out all front trim with 2 coats of lifetime paint. Front only gets trimmed out, unless otherwise specified on bid.
  • Leave you with any leftover paint and paint receipt. 
  • Foreman will walk around building with you for your satisfaction.